My experience is in supervising the work of therapists, coaches and trainers. Some people want a regular commitment – fortnightly, monthly or quarterly.

For some, an ad hoc provision works best. They may want to use supervision as a safety net that they can access at short notice when they want another perspective on a situation.

I have worked as a supervisor since 1989. I acquired a counselling supervision qualification in 2003, followed by an online clinical supervision certificate in 2004.

My own counselling model is integrative, drawing from psychodynamic, analytical, TA, brief therapy, solution-focussed therapy, the transpersonal and the human givens. I am also happy to supervise therapists and coaches in their own model.

I work with both individuals and groups of supervisees.

Face-to-face supervision works best, in my experience. If we cannot meet, for reasons of geography or illness, then both online and telephone contact can work well.

A recently-qualified individual will have different supervision needs than someone with many years' experience. I offer a free initial session for us to identify supervision needs and the best ways of working together.