What really helps is that you made it easy to start (looking after myself). This makes 'change' more manageable and less drastic for me, and overall I have felt more calm and in control.


For years I wanted to try therapy to see if I could feel better about myself but I did not know how to start. You are easy to talk to so it made it easy. Thank you.


I shall live one day at a time, take every moment as it comes, be grateful when things are going well, and learn to detach when things are less than satisfactory.  You have been a TREMENDOUS part of that awakening in me, so thank you!


You said a couple of things that really was like a light switch turning on...


My husband says he's seen an enormous sense of contentment about who I am.


I don't expect a reply. I just wanted to give you some feedback to say thank you and to let you know how much you helped me today.  I KNEW you would!


I have to say I was very sceptical about whether this therapy lark would be any use. Please add me to the list of converts!


I feel much clearer about things now and I am very grateful to you for helping me to understand my role in this situation.


Career counselling

Thank you. Those sessions with you made all the difference


I felt so confused, but the sessions with you helped me put the redundancy behind me. I would have rushed out and applied for everything, whether I wanted it or not, and you have helped me to work out what I really want to do. I have an interview next week for a job I feel so excited about.



In a short time she really understood me and was able to point out a few truths which struck me as very powerful and have given me a lot of confidence.


I really appreciate the session with you. I have got an excellent perspective of myself from the session which I never had before. I will try extremely hard to implement what we discussed and will be successful at it.


Many thanks for all your help, encouragement and invaluable advice these past few months.



You come across really well – great voice, real warmth, engaging spontaneity.


I know B is thrilled at the relevance of your experience and we know you are an excellent guest.


That was just what we wanted thank you.  When can you come back?